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Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Help Defend Their Clients

Melbourne Criminal Lawyers Help Defend Their Clients

When someone is charged with assault, burglary, theft, drink driving or some other serious criminal offence, they need to seek a criminal lawyer immediately. No matter if you’re innocent or at fault, everyone deserves a fair chance at defending themselves. Once a person has been charged with a crime, anything they do or say can be used against them during their trial, which can make day-to-day life very stressful. Whether you’re in Preston, Williamstown, or Melbourne, hiring criminal lawyers to take a look at your case can be the difference between doing hard time and receiving a lighter penalty. Below, we’ll go over some of the top reasons that people choose to hire a criminal lawyer when they are charged with a crime.


Legal Expertise

One of the most obvious reasons that people choose to hire criminal lawyers to defend their case is that they have an in-depth range of legal experience at their disposal. Criminal lawyers have studied and trained to understand all aspects of criminal law. Their experience in the courtroom will ensure that you are well represented at all times and ensure that nothing is overlooked giving you the best possible defence.


A good criminal lawyer knows the criminal law system, which can help design a stronger strategy and build a winning case. They will conduct independent investigations, make negotiations or settlements, and prepare for trial on your behalf.


Mitigate Risks and Protect Against Heavy Penalties


In many criminal cases, prosecutors will take a strong stance on your case, sometimes to set an example for others in the community seeking a particularly harsh penalty. Even if you are innocent and falsely accused of a crime, it does not excuse you from potentially going through the justice system, and the stress associated with the possibility of receiving a penalty or sentence.


Hiring a lawyer can help to ensure that you are acquitted of any false charges. If you are found guilty or plead guilty, they can protect you against unfair sentencing based on legal precedent.


Immediate Action

The sooner you take action to defend yourself in a criminal case, the better chance you will have of a successful outcome. Hiring a lawyer immediately gives you the best chance to be proven innocent.


Conversely, the longer someone takes to proceed with their case, the more time that prosecutors have to strengthen their case against you. 


Constant Moral and Emotional Support

Facing criminal charges can take a toll on the accused. During the course of your trial, your defence lawyer will be a pillar of moral and emotional support. They will handle your case professionally and remain honest with you about all of the possible outcomes as the case develops. This sort of relationship will help you avoid any unexpected surprises.

Drink Driving Cases

In drink driving cases, it is important to have an experienced Melbourne criminal lawyer to represent your interests. A criminal record has a lasting impact and often affects your lifestyle, especially where employment is concerned. It is a serious offence and can lead to heavy fines or a licence suspension. Even if it is your first offence, you can still serve time for your infraction.

Criminal lawyers that specialize in drink driving know the law inside and out. They can assess if the police did their jobs appropriately and nothing was missed in their investigation. Melbourne lawyers will also understand any laws that are specific to the city or region that you may not be aware of. By providing no-nonsense legal advice, Melbourne criminal lawyers can better prepare you for the upcoming case against you. If the best defense is honesty, experienced lawyers will advise their clients to step forward and admit guilt as proceeding with a "not guilty” plea can lead to larger fines and stronger punishment. There also may be underlying factors at play such as alcohol dependence.

Experienced DUI lawyers will also know what factors the courts examine as part of the case proceedings. The court may also recommend counselling or driving classes because of committing a DUI.



Melbourne criminal lawyers can give you the best chance to come away with the best possible outcome at your trial. Even if you have not been charged with a crime, but are being inquired about as a potential suspect, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer immediately. It can be the difference between winning and losing your case.

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